Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Omnidextrous Radio Remix)

by Ruben on July 16th, 2012 Leave a comment »

A quick experiment, started yesterday, bored with it today. This remix was done “the other way around”. Instead of adding tracks to an existing vocal track, I started out by just jamming some dance-tune and trying to find vocals to match my track afterwards. The vocal track that seemed to fit best with my creation was “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna. If you listen carefully, you can hear the shamelessly ripped bassline from Lil Louis’ “French Kiss” in it, which was a big hit in 1989/1990.

The first version is called the “Radio Remix” because my original version was too long and a colleague played a version on his local radioshow that he cut shorter in a way I absolutely didn’t like, so I made a shorter version myself. The second version is the original full-length version.

This remix was made on a MacBook (not Pro) running Logic Pro 9 and various AU plugins. The track used to be on SoundCloud, but I got a complaint from the fuckers from Universal Music Group and it was removed by “The SoundCloud Copyright Team”.

Hi Twisted World, We’ve received a report directly from Universal Music Group that your track “Where Have You Been (Omnidextrous Radio Remix)” contains “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna. As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being. – Wait SoundCloud, I think I have the rights to this! If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can tell us about it by following the link below and filing a dispute. You can file a dispute if you think the person who reported your track got it wrong – for example, because you are the copyright owner or have permission from the copyright owner(s) to post this track to SoundCloud. If this applies to you, tell us about it here: copyright.soundcloud.com/dispute/soun…tes:17828747 – OK, what happens next? If you file a dispute and show us that you have all rights necessary to post this track, we will reinstate your track, no problem. In all other cases, we will need to treat this as copyright infringement and you will receive a “strike” against your account. If you receive three of these strikes, your SoundCloud account will be terminated in accordance with our Terms of Use: soundcloud.com/terms-of-use#repeat-infringers. Copyright infringement is a serious matter, and we expect all SoundCloud users to respect other people’s copyright. To learn more about copyright, please visit our copyright information page: soundcloud.com/pages/copyright and see our Help Center articles: help.soundcloud.com/customer/portal…-legal/articles. Thank you,The SoundCloud Copyright Theme

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