Unfinished Hopes

by Ruben on July 20th, 2009 5 comments »

This was originally just a spontaneous “jamming around” on one of the preset patches on my new synth back in 1999. (Yamaha AN1x owners might recognize the arpeggiator loop.) About 6 years later (synth was already sold) I found the recording on an old tape (yes, tape!) and tried to manually re-create the nice arp-loop in GarageBand. When this went well, I sort of finished the rest of the song. This version ISN’T the Yamaha AN1x, it’s 100% Apple GarageBand soft-synths.

The original version of the song, made in 1999, was made using a Yamaha AN1x. The remake is made with Apple Garageband and only stock soft-synth in there. The original version is recorded from cassette, so there’s a little whitenoise in it.


5 Responses

  1. This sounds like some sort of epic soundtrack for a movie!

  2. Yep liking this, it’ll be in a mix soon!

  3. this actually sounds prettyÔªø good.. faved it n check out my stuff too

  4. Found my way here from your Saxion Loader RemakeÔªø – I’ve listed to that god knows how many times, and I only just thought ‘What else has this guy done?’
    Glad I did! This is great, very interested in hearing the finished version!

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