The Wave Police

by Ruben on September 10th, 2011 2 comments »

This is one of the very few tracks on my account that hasn’t been sequenced on a computer. This was entirely performed and sequenced on a Korg Wavestation EX and multitracked to a Tascam multi-track recorder. I made this after I finally received my “white label” expansion card with cool new sounds, among which “The Wave Police” wave sequence.

Just jammin’. My computer was acting up and froze up constantly when adding more track so to relax a bit I started this song using the internal sequencer of the wavestation and recorded it to my Tascam multi-track recorder.

“The Wave Police” is the name of the Korg Wavestation’s wave sequence preset that was used to build the track on. It’s the bassline sequence, kick and snare, marimba’s and chopper sound you hear after the piano intro.

To use 10 tracks on a 4-track recorder using only a maximum of 1 bounce for each recorded track, use this method: Record parts 1-3 to tracks 2-4 and then dub to track 1 while playing part 4. Record parts 5 and 6 to tracks 3 and 4 and then dub to track 2 while playing part 7. Record part 8 to track 4 and dub to track 3 while playing part 9. Record part 10 to track 4.

This part is made with only the Korg Wavestation EX recorded directly to a Tascam multi-track recorder (4 tracks). Using bounce and dub functions this gave me 10 tracks to play with, using only one bounce/mixdown per recorded part*. All the sounds, reverbs and delays are from the Korg Wavestation EX. The only extra processing used is some equalization on the Tascam recorder and a Multiband Compressor on the final mixdown to MP3.

Patches used for this song in no particular order:

  • The Wave Police (hence the title)
  • Echo Hunters
  • Rotary Organ
  • Drum Kit
  • Reversed Noises (from the “Drum & Percussion” card, WPC-2S)
  • AFT Vocal Pad
  • Twilight (from the “Synth/Timeslice” card, WPC-3S)
  • Will I Dream
  • Piano Portrait (Awesome sound from the new card!)
  • GodChimes

I’m planning on making a part 2 the same way, but using my Korg M1. Finally there is supposed to be a part 3 that uses both the Wavestation and the M1 together. I don’t have the Tascam anymore, so I’ll probably use Logic for the other parts.

I later went on with part 2 of The Wave Police. Like planned, the second part is entirely made on the Korg M1. It’s not finished, therefore not yet on SoundCloud. I think I’ll wait with updating the SoundCloud upload until part 3 is ready anyways.

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  1. Nils K says:

    You get my vote for the best incorporation of The Wave Police (in itself the coolest sequence I know) in any song ever. Could easily be the intro tune of an action movie!

  2. Ruben says:

    Thanks man, appreciate the feedback!

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