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I’m Not In Love (Unfinished 10cc Cover)

One of the very many things I started but never finished. This was also a self-set challenge. Try to figure out and imitate the dreamy chord voices of 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love”. You can use this for your Karaoke party if you wish.


Aaaaaand… yet another one of those “do-you-ever-finish-anything” tracks I spend a few days on and then never looked back. Why post it in here then? Well, because I promised Angelique I would post anything on our website that had an actual recording on our filesystem. So… Eurocops was originally composed and performed by Jan Hammer […]

The Ecstacy of Gold

No, this is NOT a cover from a song by Metallica but a cover from the ORIGINAL composition by Ennio Morricone for the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. I spend about two days on this and then I just never looked at it again. It was just another test to see if […]

Moses Theme (Unfinished Ennio Morricone Cover)

This was one of the things I was working on when my iMac totally broke down and left me without a decent computer for almost a year. Luckily I make a habit of regularly mixing down the songs I’m working on, so I was able to recover this unfinished piece.

Michael Jackson – Bad Criminal (Omnidextrous Mini-Mash Remix)

Something I never finished because I couldn’t get the vocals in tune with eachother. It’s a mash-remix of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal”, sounding quite out of tune.