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Korg M1

This is absolutely my all-time favourite synth! The sounds are awesome, the design is awesome, the possibilities are awesome, everything about this synth is awesome!

Casio CSM-1

Somewhere in the early 90’s I bought a crappy cheap sound module by Casio, The CSM-1. It didn’t have many useful sounds, it had a fixed number of available voices on a fixed number of channels and it was basically total crap. This was the build-in factory demo, which is a cover of the song […]

Roland E-30

Another one of my very first keyboard. This was actually my first mid-range keyboard that I actually had to save some money for before I could buy it. Before that, I’ve only been buying cheapo mini-size Casio toys to play with. Been using this keyboard to create quite some tunes, most of which have been […]

Kawai WK40

I’m not entirely sure when I bought this keyboard, but I have it on photographs taken in 1988/1989. I remember that there was also a WK50 available, but that was a more expensive 5-octave model. But this keyboard is really what “started it all”. It was my very first MIDI keyboard that I could hook […]