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Capella Mix

This was my very first attempt at mixing EVER! In 1994 Capella released the album “U Got 2 Know” and I wanted to make a mix using the tracks on this album. The only minor obstacle in my objective was the fact that I didn’t have any mixing equipment. Duh…

I’m Not In Love (Unfinished 10cc Cover)

One of the very many things I started but never finished. This was also a self-set challenge. Try to figure out and imitate the dreamy chord voices of 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love”. You can use this for your Karaoke party if you wish.


Alpha-Gal is a soundtrack composed for my good Facebook friend, Dave Brink. Dave is a gifted comic-artist working on a project called “Earthling”, a comic about a vegan superhero/warrior.


Aaaaaand… yet another one of those “do-you-ever-finish-anything” tracks I spend a few days on and then never looked back. Why post it in here then? Well, because I promised Angelique I would post anything on our website that had an actual recording on our filesystem. So… Eurocops was originally composed and performed by Jan Hammer […]

Onde Caressante (Music Box Version) (Ed Starink Cover)

Another not-too-serious addition for my Ed Starink Greatest project that will probably never happen. I came across a nice music box sounds library and thought that this melody sounded great with it. Even added some real life music box noises along with the music.

Cristallin (EDM Concept) (Ed Starink Cover)

This “entry” for my Ed Starink Greatest project was actually just meant as a joke and doomed be be lost in the digital afterlife forever. But somehow Angelique managed to dig it up from its binary grave and posted it on SoundCloud.

One Man and His Droid

One Man and His Droid is a song composed/programmed by Rob Hubbard for the Commodore 64 game by the same name, released by Mastertronic in 1985. This tune was playing non-stop through the entire game.

Inevitable Defeat

So, Angelique set me up with this little “challenge” or “assignment” in which I got only 24 hours to create a piece of music depicting an outnumbered medieval army that was about to face certain defeat…

Open Minded 2 (Omnidextrous Dub)

Webmaster of Starink World, Andreas Heinz, posted some of his own compositions in the Ed Starink Facebook Group about 5 weeks ago. There were some interesting tracks in there, some of which were great compositions, but lacking a melody.

Oceano (Roberto Cacciapaglia Cover)

After our previous little project, Angelique and I decided to “practice” a bit by covering an existing piano/orchestra piece. We choose “Oceano” by Roberto Cacciapaglia (because my mother provided Angelique with the sheet music).

Even Months Only

This is a little fun experiment in creating a song together with Angelique. I’ve known her for about 13 years now but just recently found out that she still plays the piano pretty well.

Strictly Personal (Ed Starink Cover)

Another track for my planned “Ed Starink Greatest volume 1” compilation.  This is the fourth track I sort of finished, but it was actually the first track I started working on and got the entire Ed Starink Greatest “project” running.

World (Ed Starink Cover)

My third cover for my little Ed Starink Greatest “project”.

The Wave Song (Ed Starink Cover)

This is the second song I finished in a planned larger series of Ed Starink Covers. Visit the Ed Starink Wiki to hear the original and find out on which albums it appeared.

Mephisto’s Garden (G.I.R.L. Cover)

Some time ago, I promised a Facebook friend to cover one of his old tracker creations. Took me a while to actually get to it, but here it is. The original is a composition by Dave Brink, aka G.I.R.L., who made it with some tracker program a long time ago. I took the most identifiable […]

Superman Can’t Dance With The Magic Twilight Criminal

Another quick example of the overrated thing called “mashup”. This one was made in little over 2 hours by request of my brother. Is has the following songs mashed up together: Genesis – I Can’t Dance 2 Unlimited – The Magic Friend / Twilight Zone Eminem – Superman Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

Usher vs. Tears For Fears – DJ Got Us Shouting

This is my final rant against the overrated non-creative thing called “mashup”. After this one, I won’t mention it again, I promise! Creating mashups is not creative, it is not “awesome”, it is not genious and people who slap mashups together are not “talented”. It’s dead easy, anyone can do it. Period.

Adele vs. Britney – Rolling One More Time

I never did a real mashup, so I though I’d give it a try. It appeared that mashups are so extremely overrated, I wasn’t even sure if I should put this online. I decided to “publish” it anyway, just to show how totally non-creative this mashup crap is.

Adele vs. Britney – Rolling It Against Me

I never did a real mashup, so I though I’d give it a try. It appeared that mashups are so extremely overrated, I wasn’t even sure if I should put this online. I decided to “publish” it anyway, just to show how totally non-creative this mashup crap is.

Tears For Fears – Shout (Omnidextrous Remix)

More info will be added soon… or maybe never.

Telocin (Ed Starink Cover)

Originally by Ed Starink and first one in a planned series of Ed Starink covers. (Actually the first one I finished, “Strictly Personal” is the first one I started with and got the whole idea rolling). The original track appeared on Synthesizer Spectacular vol. 4, Synthesizer Greatest volume 7 and Synthétiseur 8 – Les Plus […]

Spiral (Vangelis Cover³)

In 1977, Vangelis released his epic “Spiral” album with the evenly epic title song. In 1989, Ed Starink released a cover version of this song on various synthesizer albums, most notably the successful Synthesizer Greatest series released by Arcade. In 1991, I did my own cover version on a Roland SoundCanvas, using Ed’s cover as […]

The Ecstacy of Gold

No, this is NOT a cover from a song by Metallica but a cover from the ORIGINAL composition by Ennio Morricone for the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. I spend about two days on this and then I just never looked at it again. It was just another test to see if […]

John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child (Thomas-Likes-Beeps Remix)

My good friend Thomas de Vries is a big fan of what I like to call “beep music”, so this was just a little ‘over the weekend’ fun experiment to create a remix with all sorts of bleeps and blops in it. Besides the ultimately annoying starting beep sound, an even more annoying “riser” effect […]

Inna – Hot / Love (Omnidextrous Remix)

This one was requested by Angelique because she promised a friend in Monza (Italy) I would make this one for her (before even asking me first). Don’t do that again, please. It has both the Inna hits “Hot” and “Love” in it, hence it’s also some sort of mash-up. This track was also removed from […]