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Andante Spianato (Chopin)

Chopin cover by Angelique.

Fly Free (John Maul Cover)

Here another one of those tracks that somehow got lost on the website. Luckily it was still online on SoundCloud.

Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (J.S. Bach Cover)

Some years ago, Angelique was visiting her family in The Netherlands during christmas. Her sister requested her to play the Toccata on some crappy Yamaha PSS keyboard (the PSS series has mini-keys). Angelique hooked it up to my MacBook running a decent Church Organ VSTi and this was the result…

The Piano (Michael Nyman Cover)

While cleaning up the redesigned website, I came across a snippet of music Ruben once made to give me a little scare. It’s a “rock version” of Michael Nyman’s “The Piano”. I wanted to add this snippet to the page with my cover version, only do find out this tracks isn’t on our website at […]

Liebeslied “Widmung” (Schumann-Liszt Cover)

Performed by Angelique using a not-so-great piano sample library. (Doesn’t handle the sustain pedal very well and cuts off notes.)

Unknown Piece

This piece was performed straight from some very Very VERY badly copied sheet music. There was no title or any other info on the sheets. Sounds like a track straight out of the “build/buy mode” from The Sims. Anyone who recognizes this piece, please let us know!

Liebesträume No. 3 In A-Flat Major (Franz Liszt)

Another piano piece by Angelique. Don’t know when it was made actually.

From Where I Am (Enya Cover)

Testing the MIDI retrofit on my grand driving a synth pad. Old meets new!

Goodnight My Angel

Another great performance by Angelique using an unfortunate crappy sound library. This song was originally composed and performed by Billy Joel.

Brian’s Song

Angelique whacking away on my “new” Gem WX2…

Comptine D’un Autre été L’après-Midi (Yann Tiersen Cover)

I hate this title, not the music, but the title. How the hell do you pronounce this? “Compi un autre ete de tetre?” Anyways… my mother liked this song and told me it was quite hard to play on the piano… no it wasn’t mom! But then again, this wasn’t on the piano. It’s on […]