Strictly Personal (Ed Starink Cover)

by Ruben on June 15th, 2014 Leave a comment »

Another track for my planned “Ed Starink Greatest volume 1” compilation.  This is the fourth track I sort of finished, but it was actually the first track I started working on and got the entire Ed Starink Greatest “project” running.

Okay, this one needs a little explanation… I find “Strictly Personal” one of the hardest Starink tracks to cover so far. There’s lots of separate elements and instruments, chords and tempo-changes, it’s driving me nuts! I can’t count the number of hours I spend on this one and I’m still far from satisfied with the current results, which still lacks all of the power of the original. At this moment however, my old MacBook has reached it’s limits and so have I. I can’t stand this track any longer so I’m putting it on the digital shelf to be picked up again somewhere at the end of my “project”. Please feel free to comment on anything you don’t like about this cover in its current form, so I can have something to work on when I pick it up again and which is the main reason why I’m putting it online anyhow.

BTW, the “laser effects” you hear around the tempo-changes are a problem I still need to troubleshoot. It is not intentionally inserted in there, but caused by one of my virtual instruments which seems to have some problem with tempo-changes happening around an instrument with a delay effect. Guess Ed didn’t have to worry about that kind of crap when he made the original track.

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