Spiral (Vangelis Cover³)

by Ruben on May 11th, 2013 Leave a comment »

In 1977, Vangelis released his epic “Spiral” album with the evenly epic title song. In 1989, Ed Starink released a cover version of this song on various synthesizer albums, most notably the successful Synthesizer Greatest series released by Arcade. In 1991, I did my own cover version on a Roland SoundCanvas, using Ed’s cover as a guide.


Now it’s been 35 years since the release of the original Spiral by Vangelis and I felt like doing a fresh cover of this songs now I have some better quality equipment. I based my cover on the original version, some elements from Ed Starink’s cover and some of my own 1991 cover. Hence the Cover³ title.

For this cover I used 38 tracks inside Logic Pro. Might not be that much compared to professional productions, but certainly is a new personal record.

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