Sanxion Loader (Rob Hubbard Cover)

by Ruben on October 21st, 2009 25 comments »

After my previous Commodore 64 Gametune Cover I decided to do another one. By request the second one became the famous Sanxion Loader tune, also composed by Rob Hubbard.

Like with the other cover I mainly focused on getting every single note exactly like the original. Only the sounds are (of course) more modern than the original SID tune that came out of the Commodore 64 back in 1987.

The song has been submitted to Remix64 and scored 72% last time I checked (August 2013).

I changed the title (where possible) from “Shitty Solo Version” to “Omnidextrous 2009 Remake” because I got a lot of responses that “Shitty Solo” just wasn’t right. I’m planning on doing another remake of this song (different style), therefore I also added the year in the new title.

It took me 10 takes or maybe even more to try to get a decent guitar solo from playing the keyboard. I still feel I didn’t succeed, hence the previous “Shitty Solo” title.

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25 Responses

  1. Sanxion Loader (Shitty Solo Version)?
    I disagree. It’sÔªø a good piece

  2. Thanks IR, that’s a cracking bit of music! I can trace back my love of all things electronica back toÔªø the early computer games music, on ZX-81 and C64 and Atari!!


  4. Wonderful. By far the best version of Hubbard’s “Thalamusik” I’ve ever ran into. Perhaps you could also cover “Terra Cresta”.

  5. This is one of the best Sanxion Remixes I’ve heard! I’ve written a few myself, will upload then onto SoundCloud one day maybe? :S

  6. I heard this version on YouTube. Love it so much. The solo too!

  7. You nailed it mate! amazing, I troll now and again for mixes of this, and yours is, without doubt the best I’ve heard, I’m stunned, andÔªø adding this to my favs. Awsome job, well done! x

  8. Do me one favour, even though you may have moved on, get this link out there, I’m old school and this is on par with the original, and I neverÔªø thought I’d ever say that mate.

  9. Please do Last Ninja, I’d love to hearÔªø your version! x

  10. Or Monty on the run!!! Please! You haveÔªø a gift…. x

  11. saberblock (via YouTube) says:

    How did I go soÔªø long without finding this cover?! It’s excellent – well done!!!

  12. How has this been up 3 years and got less than 1k views? Maybe the title isÔªø misleading people, it’s the best mix I’ve heard. I did have an “orchestral” version somewhere which also had a Turrican theme on it, which was good also. Like your idea with the video, too. Wish more people would make this kind of effort.

  13. Erm….probably the best thing my ears haveÔªø heard in like 20 years!

  14. Nice to have you back! I have been putting this version outÔªø everywhere. Thee best ever, you have a gift! x

  15. Please please please, let me get what I want. Put this back out, but not with shitty, that’s what stopped you being special. This is brilliant, you just buggered it up with the title. Re-do it and say something like best Sanxion mix ever, then you will get what you are due.. You wouldn’t believe how many mates of mine wouldn’t watch this becasue it said shitty….Ôªø x

  16. I love this version you made.
    The sc-gate you used (1:28) kicks ass haha.
    I make music to with Orion-platinum but i never forget the creaters like Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway because of them i make music now andÔªø i love to do it

  17. May I rip this, giving you credit and even link to this, I justÔªø want to change the title, please?

  18. Just do you know, I have been putting out links to this everywhere, it’s just tooÔªø good to be un-noticed.. x

  19. O wantÔªø to drop the shitty title, if it wasn’t for that you’d be massive with this rendition.

  20. Ruben, I shall put your nameÔªø on it and give you credit, but I can’t stand by anymore and see the best version I’ve ever seen go un-noticed. You are so much better than that. x

  21. GreatÔªø work ! One of the best remakes.

  22. Jessie says:

    Please make more like this!

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