Roland D-5, D-10. D-20 and D-110

by Ruben on November 18th, 2017 1 comment »

In the late 80s, one of my friends bought a Roland D-10. For those days (and compared to the keyboards I owned myself) this synth was sounding absolutely astounding! I could never afford a D-10 myself in those days, so I enviously and endlessly listened to the ROM demos of the D-10 from a music cassette my friend gave me.

A few years later I bought myself a second hand Roland D-5, hoping it was just a slightly cut-down D-10. Well, it was, but the cut-down happened in the FX section. The D-5 had no reverb or delay and that made it sound pretty lame compared to the D-10. Also the ROM demos were quite different. So basically I ended up with a synth that wasn’t much like the D-10 at all.

Yet again later, about 15 years later (!) I got myself a Roland D-20 and was pleasantly surprised that this actually sounded exactly like the D-10, including the ROM demos. When I needed to do some repairs to the D-20 and opened up the case I discovered that the Roland D-20 had an actual D-10 board inside! Basically the D-20 IS a Roland D-10 with an added sequencer/diskdrive unit.

Have a listen to the D-10 / D-20 / D-110 demos here…

…and if you’re interested, here are the Roland D-5 demos…

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  1. Amin Bhatia says:

    The demos bring back memories. Thanks!

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