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In 1994 I made a little tune to test the overflow function on my MT-32 modules. In overflow-mode, any note that the MT-32 is unable to play will be passed on to another MT-32 via the MIDI OUT port. Using this ingenious trick you could easily expand the MT-32’s polyphony by daisy-chaining more modules via the MIDI OUT ports. For some additional sounds, I used a Korg DSS-1 sampler. The “horny cat” sample is my girlfriend who is passed through all kinds of filters on the DSS-1. Also the kickdrum and the shakuhachi is provided by the DSS-1. All the other stuff are factory- and custom-presets on the MT-32’s.


15 years later, I decided to try a remake, using the exact same “horny cat” sample as 15 years before.

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  1. Nils K says:

    The remake is even better!

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