Annie Lennox – Little Bird (Benassi Bass Remix)

by Ruben on March 13th, 2009 2 comments »

I’ve always wanted to make a simple remix with the famous Benassi bassline sound. This song by Annie Lennox is from her album “Diva”. It was also used in the movie “Striptease” with Demi Moore, but the song is not on the official soundtrack album.


The selection of the song was because my best friend Angelique (another one) loved this track so much and I just couldn’t resist when I came upon a vocal track of the original song.

Here’s the remix without the original vocals, thus making it more a “composition”.

2 Responses

  1. user64627 says:

    Good GOD, I would never associate Annie Lennox with such a shit movie! UGH, I cannot believe she signed off on the use of this song for that!

  2. 0utsorce says:

    Oh yes! Loving this!

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