Lightforce (Rob Hubbard Cover)

by Ruben on October 21st, 2009 3 comments »

A Commodore 64 classic composed by gamemusic master Rob Hubbard in a quick cover version by me. Commodore 64 lovers must all know this masterpiece. You can hear the original SID version of this tune on many SID specialized sites. This is the first tune in a planned series of many more to come. The song has a somewhat strange ending, but I tried to stay loyal to the original tune as close as possible. It’s called the “Oberheim Version” because I borrowed a real Oberheim synth from someone and wanted to record something using it alongside my regular soft-synth plugins. I never released any other version though.

This song has been submitted on Remix64 and scored 59% last time I checked (August 2013).

3 Responses

  1. lovely, thanks for the download

  2. Yes! How can I ever forget this innovative take on Rob’s “Lightforce”. Super bold track in a modern way. Love the basslines and the squeaky sounds! Keep it up

  3. This is a gr8 remix! Nice one!!

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