Korg M1

by Ruben on November 13th, 2017 Leave a comment »

This is absolutely my all-time favourite synth! The sounds are awesome, the design is awesome, the possibilities are awesome, everything about this synth is awesome!

Sure there have been synths that sounds much, much better since and even then. But I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same excitement ever again when buying a synth. When I got my Korg M1, I was in digital heaven.

“The M1 was and still is a popular and widely used digital synthesizer and music workstation. The M1 features built-in AI Synthesis for full digital generation and processing using 4MB of PCM sampled and synthesized waveforms which can be shaped using analog-style editing. The M1 is capable of creating acoustic instruments with clarity, nice digital sounds and good buzzy techno sounds. The M1 is sort of like a workstation-version of the Roland D-50. In addition to its acclaimed sound, it has a somewhat sophisticated 8-track sequencer. It holds 10 songs and 100 patterns and up to 7,700 notes, and offers full quantizing and editing. Full MIDI implementation suites the M1 ideally for studio production and MIDI system use. Up to 8 parts of multitimbrality with the 8 track sequencer makes for a powerful machine. Add to that a host of digital multi-effects and you’ve got one of the most widely and professionally used Korg synthesizers around.”

Vintage Synth Explorer.

Hear all the build-in demos and be amazed about this synth from almost 30 years ago!

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