I paid for it!

by Ruben on September 5th, 2013 Leave a comment »

This piece is about the ridiculous rules and regulations in the Netherlands. I don’t know about the rules in other countries and to be honest, I don’t care…

  • I have an MP3 recorder/player I use for my work as a radio DJ to record interviews and live performances (with permission). The price of the recorder included “private copying levy”, even though I never use it for private copying.
  • One of my many hobbies is making videos for friends and family, which I burn to DVD. Every single blank DVD I buy has additional charge added to it which goes straight to the music and movie industry for people who copy and burn illegally downloaded music and films. I never in my life burned a single pirated movie to DVD!
  • The taxes I pay include a percentage for public radio and television. Since I hate public radio and television because it’s about 30% commercials, I haven’t had a television or radio for about two years now. I really don’t. Never watch television.
  • The music industry claims that you are not buying the music but merely a licence to listen to it. When I buy a compilation CD with 20 hits of which I already have 10 on other CD’s I bought, I still pay the full price for the CD even though I already have the “licence” to listen to half of it.
  • Downloading is perfectly legal by law in the Netherlands as long as it is for private use and not for illegal sales of music and films.

So that’s many ways in which I pay for movie and music related things I never use.

Stop lecturing me about illegal downloads! I paid for it!

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