Even Months Only

by Ruben on June 28th, 2014 Leave a comment »

This is a little fun experiment in creating a song together with Angelique. I’ve known her for about 13 years now but just recently found out that she still plays the piano pretty well.

Angelique sat down and jammed a little melody from the top of her head, followed by some basic chords and a little piano riff. Took her about 10 minuten to come up with this. Then I spend the remainder of the day to arrange some music around it, which resulted in this first musical project of Angel IQ (Angelique) and Omnidextrous (moi).

The title comes from the fact that Angelique now lives in New Jersey (USA) and only visits me once every two months, which so far happened to be every even month of the year.

[Edit by Angelique: Now living in Arlington, thank you. ;-)]


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