Lionel Richie and Diana Ross – Endless Love (Neverending Love Remix)

by Ruben on July 9th, 2009 3 comments »

This remix was actually never meant to become a remix at all. A friend had a quite simple request for an audio edit he wanted for a DJ session he had to do at a wedding. The personal song of the married couple was “Endless Love” and my friend had the idea of giving them a little scare by faking the CD player to be breaking down after about one minute. So the original idea/request was just some stuttering effect after about one minute in the song.

While doing this “stutter”, I got the idea to use the tempo of the stutter as a basis for a beat and started to add a bassline to that beat. That’s really how this remix came about in the end.

When this song was finished I had just discovered SoundCloud and I used this song to test how I could upload my own songs in there and embed them on my blog. Even though it wasn’t my first remix, “Endless Love” was my very first SoundCloud upload!

The first minute of the remix is just the original, then the “stutter” is introduced, raising the tempo from the original 92 BPM to 128 BPM.

For the full effect, just listen to this remix from the very start and imagine yourself slow-dancing with your partner to it on your wedding day.

Additional info

After this song has been hanging around on SoundCloud for about 4 years, it suddenly because very popular amongst mainly Asian people. I have no idea why, but it went sort of viral when everybody was reposting this song to friends, who were reposting it, etc. etc.

While I was wondering what the hell was going on, the song suddenly disappeared from SoundCloud and then I received a mail from SoundCloud. The money-eager music industry vultures struck again and my song was banned…

Our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound “Lionel Richie & Diana Ross – Endless Love (Neverending Love Remix)” may contain the following copyright content: “Endless Love” by Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Gene Page, owned by null. As a result, its publication on your profile has been blocked. If you are the copyright owner of this content, please notify us of this by submitting a dispute, and we’ll be able to help out quickly. You can file your dispute at the following link: If you are not the rights holder, but you have gotten permission to share this material on SoundCloud from the copyright owner, please send us proof of this permission in a dispute for review: To learn more about what kinds of content you are allowed to upload to SoundCloud in order to comply with copyright law, please visit our copyright information page. Thanks,The SoundCloud Copyright Theme

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  1. DJ MILFMANZ says:

    yeeeeeeeeeah mean az

  2. Parisa says:

    This is really cool. I was going to post a link on a plauopr message board, but not sure it qualifies as fair use . Don’t want creepy people in suits coming after you.

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