Ed Starink Greatest vol. 1

This is a little project that turned out to be a little more time consuming than I anticipated. I’m planning on covering various compositions by Ed Starink to fill an entire (virtual) album.

Who is Ed Starink?

Ed Starink is primarily known for his large amount of albums with synthesizer covers. Most notably the “Synthesizer Greatest” series that was very popular in Europe in the 90s. Ed did also compose some original music himself, but these songs are not as well known as his cover songs. As far as I know nobody ever made a decent attempt to cover Ed’s original composition, or at least nobody made an Ed Starink song cover public. I thought it would be nice to cover some compositions of the man who became famous because of the songs he covered himself.

For more information on Ed Starink and his career, visit the official fanpage at Starink World. For an extensive list of Ed’s work, visit the Ed Starink Wiki.

The tracks I am planning to cover

The tracklist has pretty much been decided now. The following tracks will be the tracks I’m going to cover unless someone comes up with a good reason to remove one of the tracks and/or add another one. Also, I might decide to delete one more from the list because the total playing time of the resulting disc, though technically possible, will not confirm to the Red Book standard for CD Audio.

In alphabetical order, which will probably not be the order on the final “album”:

  • Celtic Fields: Planned.
  • Cristallin: Did an EDM version just for fun, but somehow ended up online anyways.
  • Danse Extatique: Planned.
  • Echo of the Green Forest: Did the melody. Needs some pitch-bending to make it sound more realistic.
  • Evil North: Planned.
  • Flush: Planned.
  • On Wings of Whisper: Planned.
  • Onde Caressante: Made a lovely tiny music box version.
  • Pebbles In The Pond: Planned.
  • Strictly Personal: Finished.
  • Telocin: Finished.
  • Thick Mountain: Planned.
  • The Wave Song: Finished.
  • World: Finished.