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Cristallin (EDM Concept) (Ed Starink Cover)

This “entry” for my Ed Starink Greatest project was actually just meant as a joke and doomed be be lost in the digital afterlife forever. But somehow Angelique managed to dig it up from its binary grave and posted it on SoundCloud.

Tears For Fears – Shout (Omnidextrous Remix)

More info will be added soon… or maybe never.

Spiral (Vangelis Cover³)

In 1977, Vangelis released his epic “Spiral” album with the evenly epic title song. In 1989, Ed Starink released a cover version of this song on various synthesizer albums, most notably the successful Synthesizer Greatest series released by Arcade. In 1991, I did my own cover version on a Roland SoundCanvas, using Ed’s cover as […]

John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child (Thomas-Likes-Beeps Remix)

My good friend Thomas de Vries is a big fan of what I like to call “beep music”, so this was just a little ‘over the weekend’ fun experiment to create a remix with all sorts of bleeps and blops in it. Besides the ultimately annoying starting beep sound, an even more annoying “riser” effect […]

Inna – Hot / Love (Omnidextrous Remix)

This one was requested by Angelique because she promised a friend in Monza (Italy) I would make this one for her (before even asking me first). Don’t do that again, please. It has both the Inna hits “Hot” and “Love” in it, hence it’s also some sort of mash-up. This track was also removed from […]

Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire (Omnidextrous Knife Party Remix)

First released on August 11, 2012. Quick remix for Leanne. Never heard of “Bullet for my Valentine” before, so it seemed like fun to do a remix of a song that I didn’t know the original music off. This one was made using the vocal track without ever listening to the complete original first.

Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Omnidextrous Radio Remix)

A quick experiment, started yesterday, bored with it today. This remix was done “the other way around”. Instead of adding tracks to an existing vocal track, I started out by just jamming some dance-tune and trying to find vocals to match my track afterwards. The vocal track that seemed to fit best with my creation […]

Pat Benatar – Love Is A Battlefield (Omnidextrous Remix)

Pat Benatar’s hit in some sort of synthy-pop-dance remix done over the past few days. Had fun doing it, but got bored by the tune by now.

Whitney Houston – How Will I Dance With Somebody (Omnidextrous Remix)

When Whitney Houston died, just about every radio station in the world broadcasted some sort of remix, medley or compilation of her songs. My radioshow was on the very next day, so I made this one in a hurry. Spend about 5 hours on it. It has both the songs “How Will I Know” and “I […]

Villa Volta (Ruud Bos Cover)

Villa Volta is the name of a “Madhouse” attraction in Dutch amusement park “Efteling”. The original music was written especially for this attraction by Ruud Bos and has been playing at the attraction every day since it’s opening in 1996. You might recognise the music as a track from “The Dentist” in 2000, but this […]

Falco – Jeanny (Omnidextrous Dubious Dub)

While working on a 90’s mix, I mashed Jeanny with a 130 bpm dance track. After finding out that Jeanny isn’t 90’s but 80’s, I deleted it from the mix, but I rather liked the sped-up mash so I decided a remix would be fun to do. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a vocal or a […]

Sanxion Loader (Rob Hubbard Cover)

After my previous Commodore 64 Gametune Cover I decided to do another one. By request the second one became the famous Sanxion Loader tune, also composed by Rob Hubbard.

Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Delay Remix)

Just another Gaga remix. More info some day… or never…

Lightforce (Rob Hubbard Cover)

A Commodore 64 classic composed by gamemusic master Rob Hubbard in a quick cover version by me. Commodore 64 lovers must all know this masterpiece. You can hear the original SID version of this tune on many SID specialized sites. This is the first tune in a planned series of many more to come. The […]

Lady Gaga – LoveGame (Anger Remix)

This is one of those titles that has different kinds of spelling all over the internet and even on different cover arts. It can be found as either “LoveGame”, “Love Game” or “Lovegame”. I’m sticking to “LoveGame”, which is the spelling used on WikiPedia.

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi (BMS Remix)

BMS stands for the Dutch “Belofte Maakt Schuld”, which means “A Promise is Debt” or “A Promise is a Promise”. I already made two other Lady Gaga remixes and that was more than enough for me, when a friend asked me to make a remix of Paparazzi. To get rid of her I told her […]

Delirious (Soft Angel Remix)

This was my entry for the Radio 538 “David Guetta Remix Contest”. It’s made in Apple’s GarageBand for 99%. Only things (except for the vocals or course) that were made outside of GarageBand are the reversed echo effect and the vocoder.

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross – Endless Love (Neverending Love Remix)

This remix was actually never meant to become a remix at all. A friend had a quite simple request for an audio edit he wanted for a DJ session he had to do at a wedding. The personal song of the married couple was “Endless Love” and my friend had the idea of giving them […]

Michael Jackson – Bad Criminal (Omnidextrous Mini-Mash Remix)

Something I never finished because I couldn’t get the vocals in tune with eachother. It’s a mash-remix of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal”, sounding quite out of tune.

Annie Lennox – Little Bird (Benassi Bass Remix)

I’ve always wanted to make a simple remix with the famous Benassi bassline sound. This song by Annie Lennox is from her album “Diva”. It was also used in the movie “Striptease” with Demi Moore, but the song is not on the official soundtrack album.

Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha (Dark ‘n’ Lite Remix)

Another one of those rainy day quick-n-dirty remixes. Did this one while being bored with a larger “project” I was working on. The volumes and effects aren’t really balanced out that well, but since this was just an “escape from boredom” thing, I didn’t want to spend any more time on it. First released on […]

It Can’t Rain All The Time

This is a track by Jane Siberry from the movie “The Crow”. Jane has a horrible voice, which does in fact suit the “crow” theme very well. Nonetheless, this “Groove Edit” was made for a friend who thinks that “The Crow” is one of the best movies of all time. Unfortunately I was unable to […]