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Open Minded 2 (Omnidextrous Dub)

Webmaster of Starink World, Andreas Heinz, posted some of his own compositions in the Ed Starink Facebook Group about 5 weeks ago. There were some interesting tracks in there, some of which were great compositions, but lacking a melody.

Falco – Jeanny (Omnidextrous Dubious Dub)

While working on a 90’s mix, I mashed Jeanny with a 130 bpm dance track. After finding out that Jeanny isn’t 90’s but 80’s, I deleted it from the mix, but I rather liked the sped-up mash so I decided a remix would be fun to do. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a vocal or a […]

U2 – With Or Without You (Synth Dub)

Another one of those things I should never have put online. I don’t like how this dub worked out, I don’t even like the original song. Originally released as “Omnidextrous Synth Dub”.

It Can’t Rain All The Time

This is a track by Jane Siberry from the movie “The Crow”. Jane has a horrible voice, which does in fact suit the “crow” theme very well. Nonetheless, this “Groove Edit” was made for a friend who thinks that “The Crow” is one of the best movies of all time. Unfortunately I was unable to […]