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Amazing Grace (Cover)

Trying out the piano sound on our “new” GEM WX2, woot! Pleasantly surprised by the quality, considering this is a keyboard that went into production in 1994! Hear, hear…

Hardware Setup Test (Armageddon Theme)

Since my damn iMac totally broke down, I am now restricted to using a tiny, crappy netbook with an external monitor as my main system. So no soft-synths for a while. Had to drag some of my hardware from storage to be able to hit some notes and not be bored to death… For this […]

Villa Volta (Ruud Bos Cover)

Villa Volta is the name of a “Madhouse” attraction in Dutch amusement park “Efteling”. The original music was written especially for this attraction by Ruud Bos and has been playing at the attraction every day since it’s opening in 1996. You might recognise the music as a track from “The Dentist” in 2000, but this […]

Sanxion Loader (Rob Hubbard Cover)

After my previous Commodore 64 Gametune Cover I decided to do another one. By request the second one became the famous Sanxion Loader tune, also composed by Rob Hubbard.

Lightforce (Rob Hubbard Cover)

A Commodore 64 classic composed by gamemusic master Rob Hubbard in a quick cover version by me. Commodore 64 lovers must all know this masterpiece. You can hear the original SID version of this tune on many SID specialized sites. This is the first tune in a planned series of many more to come. The […]

Moses Theme (Unfinished Ennio Morricone Cover)

This was one of the things I was working on when my iMac totally broke down and left me without a decent computer for almost a year. Luckily I make a habit of regularly mixing down the songs I’m working on, so I was able to recover this unfinished piece.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Remix 531)

I did this one some years ago for a good friend who has this song (the original of course) as being one of her top-3 best songs ever. It was my first cover/remix┬áin Apple’s GarageBand, which I was still “discovering” at that moment.

Gabriel Knight Theme (Robert Holmes Cover)

This track was previously spread over 3 separate posts. With the new player installed, it is better suited to put everything together here. First released on February 20, 2009 in a version I didn’t really like afterwards. Retried it about a year later with two newer versions. These covers (at least the 7/8 version) are […]