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Alpha-Gal is a soundtrack composed for my good Facebook friend, Dave Brink. Dave is a gifted comic-artist working on a project called “Earthling”, a comic about a vegan superhero/warrior.

Inevitable Defeat

So, Angelique set me up with this little “challenge” or “assignment” in which I got only 24 hours to create a piece of music depicting an outnumbered medieval army that was about to face certain defeat…

Open Minded 2 (Omnidextrous Dub)

Webmaster of Starink World, Andreas Heinz, posted some of his own compositions in the Ed Starink Facebook Group about 5 weeks ago. There were some interesting tracks in there, some of which were great compositions, but lacking a melody.

Even Months Only

This is a little fun experiment in creating a song together with Angelique. I’ve known her for about 13 years now but just recently found out that she still plays the piano pretty well.

Grey Christmas (ReFX Contest Entry)

This was my entry for the ReFX Christmas Contest. The challenge of the contest was to make a Christmas song using only the free expansion pack provided by ReFX and only using effects and tweaks of the Nexus². I decided to not take the “make a Christmas song” route, but emphasis more on using the […]

Score (Take 1)

Something I’ve been working on for a few hours. Far from finished, but I just wanted to try something different…

The Wave Police

This is one of the very few tracks on my account that hasn’t been sequenced on a computer. This was entirely performed and sequenced on a Korg Wavestation EX and multitracked to a Tascam multi-track recorder. I made this after I finally received my “white label” expansion card with cool new sounds, among which “The […]


Take a rough guitar sound, dust off the old Korg M1 and abuse the overused “Universe” patch and hit the record button. That’s about how this track started…


In 1994 I made a little tune to test the overflow function on my MT-32 modules. In overflow-mode, any note that the MT-32 is unable to play will be passed on to another MT-32 via the MIDI OUT port. Using this ingenious trick you could easily expand the MT-32’s polyphony by daisy-chaining more modules via […]

Unfinished Hopes

This was originally just a spontaneous “jamming around” on one of the preset patches on my new synth back in 1999. (Yamaha AN1x owners might recognize the arpeggiator loop.) About 6 years later (synth was already sold) I found the recording on an old tape (yes, tape!) and tried to manually re-create the nice arp-loop […]

090909 (Preview Parts 1-5)

First released on March 14, 2009, this little project is a result of a question from my best friend. Having done various dancy remixes, she wondered if I would be able to make a composition in a totally different style. It became the dreamy part 1 of this song. I didn’t really have any idea or […]