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One Man and His Droid

One Man and His Droid is a song composed/programmed by Rob Hubbard for the Commodore 64 game by the same name, released by Mastertronic in 1985. This tune was playing non-stop through the entire game.

Powerhouse (Maniacs of Noise Cover)

Powerhouse is originally a SID tune by Jeroen Tel and Thomas Mogensen, released under the name “Maniacs of Noise”. They made it for a demo on the Commodore 64. Make sure to also have a listen at the song like it was played by the good old Commodore 64 back in the 90s!

Sanxion Loader (Rob Hubbard Cover)

After my previous Commodore 64 Gametune Cover I decided to do another one. By request the second one became the famous Sanxion Loader tune, also composed by Rob Hubbard.

Lightforce (Rob Hubbard Cover)

A Commodore 64 classic composed by gamemusic master Rob Hubbard in a quick cover version by me. Commodore 64 lovers must all know this masterpiece. You can hear the original SID version of this tune on many SID specialized sites. This is the first tune in a planned series of many more to come. The […]