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Grandmix 2017

In case you missed it, here’s the Grandmix 2017 by Ben Liebrand as broadcasted on Radio 538 at December 31st. Happy New Year!

Roland D-5, D-10. D-20 and D-110

In the late 80s, one of my friends bought a Roland D-10. For those days (and compared to the keyboards I owned myself) this synth was sounding absolutely astounding! I could never afford a D-10 myself in those days, so I enviously and endlessly listened to the ROM demos of the D-10 from a music […]

Korg M1

This is absolutely my all-time favourite synth! The sounds are awesome, the design is awesome, the possibilities are awesome, everything about this synth is awesome!

Welcome to our Twisted World

Not much to report here at the moment. Angelique is re-designing the entire website, so let’s see where this will bring us.

Save resources by using “Multi Output” Kontakt instances

Most of the money I spend on my music hobby goes into buying virtual instruments and sound libraries while I am currently getting towards a point where I should really invest in a better system first. My 2009 MacBook is having a pretty hard time to keep up with all the stuff that is relatively […]

Kontakt Library Wallpaper Dimensions

[Edit: Please note that this is a rather old post. There have been many updates of Kontakt since. I can’t assure that all the information in this post is still relevant to the current version of Kontakt!] Something I’ve been looking for on Google a lot is the dimensions I should use when designing my […]


Grand Piano


My thoughts on creating your own sounds

Every once in a while, someone in my little circle of friends and acquaintances comes along that says: “I never use presets, real artists make their own sounds.” The short version of my thoughts on that: bollocks!

I paid for it!

This piece is about the ridiculous rules and regulations in the Netherlands. I don’t know about the rules in other countries and to be honest, I don’t care… I have an MP3 recorder/player I use for my work as a radio DJ to record interviews and live performances (with permission). The price of the recorder included “private copying levy”, […]

Mashups Are Overrated!

Okay, so I’ve been ranting around about the mashups quite a bit now, what’s my problem? Well, no problem really, I just can’t stand those people who act like they are the worlds best producer ever just because know how to click a mouse and drag audio files to the right position in their DAW. […]

Mega Re-Grand Mini-Mash Mix

Some people don’t know the exact difference between a mix and a remix. Furthermore, words like “cover”, “remake”, “dub”, etc. tend to further confuse people that like music but aren’t really into the technical labels on different kinds of productions. Here’s my attempt to cover all sorts of production type and explain the differences a […]