Capella Mix

by Ruben on November 12th, 2017 Leave a comment »

This was my very first attempt at mixing EVER! In 1994 Capella┬áreleased the album “U Got 2 Know” and I wanted to make a mix using the tracks on this album. The only minor obstacle in my objective was the fact that I didn’t have any mixing equipment. Duh…

So, what I DID have was a Korg DSS-1 sampler with a whopping 12 second sampling time (when using 32KHz mono) and a brand new portable MiniDisc player with extensive editing functions.

So I first recorded the entire album from CD to MiniDisc THROUGH my Korg sampler to make sure everything sounded the same, being a 32KHz mono recording. Then I shifted the tracklist about on the MiniDisc player to get to an order that I felt should work in a mix.

When the track order was decided, I recorded 6 seconds of the end of one track and 6 seconds of the beginning of the next track into my Korg sampler and used the grid editor in Cubase on my Atari ST to create an almost-not-horrible transition from one track to the other.

Finally I moved all the transitions in between the recorded tracks on the MiniDisc and then started the tedious job of trying to cut the complete track recordings to the transition recordings to the microsecond by hand!

The result was something I was really proud of at the time and considering the equipment I had to work with I still think it’s not all that bad today. Thanks to the digital age of MiniDisc, the recording still sounds exactly like it did 23 years ago!

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