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Alpha-Gal is a soundtrack composed for my good Facebook friend, Dave Brink. Dave is a gifted comic-artist working on a project called “Earthling”, a comic about a vegan superhero/warrior.

The theme was originally intended to be composed and performed by someone else, but due to personal circumstances the intended composer couldn’t deliver a track before the deadline of the Kickstarter project for Earthling. Dave asked me to compose a track a few days before the deadline and I’m grateful that he trusted me to take care of this part of his awesome project even though “scoring” is all relatively new stuff for me. This is the original “Video Edit” made for the Kickstarter project.

The soundtrack was made in about 20 hours (excluding sleeping in between) and is my first composition in a 7/8 measure and my third attempt at something “Epic” or “Trailer-like”. The key of the song alternates between D and B, for Dave Brink.

The complete soundtrack was not supposed to be available through my website or SoundCloud but was offered to backers of the project exclusively.



When my MacBook broke down, I was still working on the complete version of Alpha-Gal for Dave. Unfortunately I was not able to finish the track so I had to leave Dave with an unfinished mixdown I did the very morning my MacBook went dead. I really regret that I was unable to fulfil my promise to get this track done before the deadline of March 6, but I promise I’ll finish it whenever I get a new Mac. Meanwhile, the backers of Dave’s project will had to do with the unfinished and unmixed version, which I called “Murphy’s Law Version” for obvious reasons. The complete score was planned last for about 10 minutes but the version I have now is little over 7 minutes.

Dave decided to put the unfinished version online because it was not very likely that the track would be finished any time soon, so I guess I can post it in here now too…

The title “Alpha-Gal” comes from a special kind of allergy that makes people allergic to meat. A disorder that must sound great for vegans to wish upon others.

For more information visit the Kickstarter Project Page, the Earthling Facebook Page or contact Dave directly via Facebook.

When I was working on the track, some members on Facebook were curious about the progress of the track. I posted a little fake teaser that didn’t have any actual music at all, just the atmospheric into background sounds. Only a few members were honest enough to tell me that they didn’t really like this “music”.

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