8-Track Mix 2008

by Ruben on September 10th, 2008 Leave a comment »

Some idea I never got to really finished or repeated. The idea of an “8-Track Mix” is to have 8 tracks and mix them up (duh!). Not in the conventional way of progressing from one song to another, but rather more like a mesh-up, in which certain elements of all the songs are repeated through the entire mix and always have at least two songs play simultaneously.


This mix is the only mix (so far) I didn’t make using “conventional mixing software”. All tracks were first set to the same tempo using the Apple Loop Utility and then the entire mix was made in GarageBand, which frankly wasn’t really fitted for this job back then.

I tried to put this mix on YouTube, but I got ten claims from different label for violating copyrights. This was already weird by itself, since there are only 8 songs in it, but I also didn’t really understand the problem since all songs are constantly meshed up with another song and YouTube is already filled with complete, unmodified versions of almost all the separate songs.

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