090909 (Preview Parts 1-5)

by Ruben on July 14th, 2009 Leave a comment »

First released on March 14, 2009, this little project is a result of a question from my bestĀ friend. Having done various dancy remixes, she wondered if I would be able to make a composition in a totally different style. It became the dreamy part 1 of this song. I didn’t really have any idea or direction when I started out. Just hit some chords with a dreamy voice patch and started to build up stuff around that.

When I had enough of it, I changed my jammings to another style, and then again, and again… And that’s really all there was to it. Just jamming along, changing styles on the go.

While I was working on this song, I initially intended to make it over one hour long, enough to fill up a regular audio CD. I figured I would be able to finish it in about half a year, so I set my own “deadline” at September 9, 2009, hence the title. Never came to finish it though.

Titles for the parts:

  • [0:00] – “Angel Voices” – Mainly dreamy sounds.
  • [5:20] – “Northern Lights” – I have no idea where I was going with this.
  • [8:45] – “Gamer Generation” – Retro computer sounds.
  • [11:48] – “Enter Another World” – Even more dreamier than part 1.
  • [13:20] – “La Musique” – Dancy sound with some JMJ influences.

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